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The following gives an explanation of a FHAA INTERVENTION by a walk through the lastest project in Vienna.

A Felix Heinrich Architecture Arts Intervention is a temporary transformation of "the existing" into a contemporary art space with the tools of architecture and art. These interventions are created cooperation with all users and FH. Having and interacting with contemporary art in everyday life enriches and gives important inputs. FH Interventions have been realized several times and examples can be viewed under PROJECTS. The intervention scale shown here is an office in downtown Vienna. A dual use project was created here.
The entrance "hall" gives an overview what the visitor can expect in the intervention. The main "three streams" of Felix's work are exemplarily displayed. In addition small "Digitals" and NFTs are shown there. The Intervention Motto is "Einmal mit Alles & Die Wandlung des Selbst" ( A bit of Everything & The Metamorphosis of the Self"). The puzzle pieces are tribute to the common desire of understanding an artis's oeuvre. Gaining insight of 13 years of artistic work is what this exhibition is trying to provide.  
Every intervention has its guide/catalogue. If you are interested you can oder one here.
Here is an overview of Felix's" Work Streams".
A FH ShootArt, a FH Paintings and a FH Spray Painting (here as a derivate - a framed artist proof silk print)
"Come on In" on the right hand side is the first image to the " Wandlung des Selbst" ( Metamorphosis of the Self ).
In the background is an early freestyle spray painting titled "Smoke City".
FH ShootArt paintings are often diptychs. Here you see a part of the one on the previous and following pic.
The " Gungirl" and stencil spray " Windhauch" in the back show the variety of techniques Felix's using to express his art.
On the table there is a box of photos giving some examples of Felix's work of the previous years.
More information to FH ShootArt which represents the experimential "Stream" of FH's art is provided *here.*  
"Come on In" is a painting that represents the invitation into Felix's intellectual world.
The foreground is urban model, the girl calls the spectator to enter.  It is a fictive "museum" and the vision is led to the centre of the painting. There´s a religious scene.
Now we are entering the "Metamorphosis of the Self".
* click on the image to enlarge *
Metamorphosis of the Self

According to the butterfly effect every impression has a later impact.
The eye as gate into the human soul will be stimulated with images.
The "Metamorphosis of the Self" is equal to the metamorphosis of the butterfly hereby and it represents a development. It's a process all existing is equally subsequent to. Meaning those developmens can evoke in appearance as well in mind-set.
The allegory to the dofferent stadia from egg over catapillar and cocoon to finally butterfly can experienced through the following impressions.
Paperboy - little Buddha - the Blinding *info pdf here*
*click on the image for a closer look*

See how human behavior impacts nature. Check out he example of milk production here.
* for closer look click on the image *
LOVE (dual use painting with the possibility to turn - a FH ShootArt on the other side)
4 WORDS  - Love Trustfullness Kindness Mercy ( it's a series of paintings in different languages)
* for a closer look click on the image *
LOVE - 4WORDS - The Secrecy Sprayface - The Shrine of the Self
"Shrine of the Self" - The Gift from Above -  WDS Check
After the impressions of the shrine there are the last images of the "Metamorphosis of the Self" - The Gift from Above - and finally the WDS check mark.

"Metamorphosis of the Self" is now completed
The Shrine of the Self
The Tibetan Monk - Deseo - Still building Walls in the 21st Century
Eurograve - Insight View (street-trade edition) - Putin's Hand - The Mirrow of the Self - 4WORDS (Latin) - Mother Teresa
Leaving the "Metamorphosis of the Self" under the eyes of the FH Sprayface Pheasant.
On the table there is the FH Photobox with plenty of artwork examples of the last 13 years of Felix's journey.
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